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Oooh, I love Trivial Pursuit. (I was the captain of the Quiz Bowl team in high school, so clearly trivia is my thing.)
And red wine is waaaay better than white. I have never understood the appeal of white wine.
I love my family, too.

Salome Ellen

I'm her (Elizabeth's) mother, and she got all those preferences from me! Next time you come to the States, visit our little backwater and we'll see if we can break your record! :-)


I suck beyond all reckoning at Trivial Pursuit. I'm fairly certain this is because I was homeschooled all the way up to college and consequently completely missed out on the times, culture, music, TV, etc. of the 80s and early 90s. On the one hand, I feel I didn't miss much. On the other, I'm crippled at any trivia game that heavily involves modern cultural references.

I also generally prefer red wine to white, but a lot depends on my mood and what I'm eating. Sometimes nothing goes better with chicken or creamy pasta that a full-bodied, acidic sauvignon blanc. And a good dry viognier is not to be scoffed at, especially as a "cooking" wine (the wine you drink while cooking) or when paired with spicy Asian food. Dadgummit, now I want wine and I can't have any. *Pout*

Jenny/Long Time Lurker

Aaaw, I have the *nicest* commenters.

Sarah - I'm off to Germany next month, and I'm determined to give a fair hearing to some Reislings and Gewurtztraminers. Love your definition of 'cooking wine', by the way.


Rieslings and Gewurtztraminers are well and good, but be forewarned that most of them will probably be on the sweet-and-mellow side. It's what they're good for, mostly. There are such things as truly dry examples of both, but they're not particularly common. If what you like in a wine is something assertive and bracing, these will likely not please you. But by all means give 'em a try! You may find you like them, just not in the same context as you normally like other wines.

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