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A couple of thoughts I had when I saw her the first time:
--Why does Sandra Day O'Connor look ten years younger than her even though she's really fifteen years older?
--How is it possible to have gotten that far in the legal profession without learning how to apply makeup from someone besides Elvira?


I really TRY not to judge people based on appearances, but the first time I saw a picture of her I had a strong, negative gut reaction. And I had about the same thought as Nicole: how can an otherwise seemingly competent professional woman not realize that her makeup job is so hideous? I'm relieved that we won't have to deal with her in the news for much longer, and I expect she's somewhat relieved also.

J's Girlfriend

I think you need to see the article about Seventeen Mag. in the Guardian today; you'd 'like' that... I had to do a whole post about it even though it was completely off topic for my blog. Go to the website and search for Seventeen.

Also, re. men crying, see the Indy column on the topic today, about page 3 I think. They're a bit cheeky and you can't read it online unless you pay, but worth looking for an old copy in the office bin or something.

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